Samsung Apple Jointly Layouts OLED Industry Chinese Manufacturers Want to Build a New Ecological Response

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Recently, it was reported that Apple has signed a contract with Samsung Display Co., Ltd. Samsung will provide curved OLED screens for the iPhone, which is worth US$9 billion.

According to the agreement, Samsung Display will ship 70 million to 92 million OLED panels to Apple in 2017. Considering that Apple currently ships about 200 million iPhones per year, this means that about 30% of iPhones shipped this year will be equipped with curved OLED panels.

According to industry insiders, it is expected that the adoption of OLED in the Apple mobile phone in 2017 and the OLED panel production line in the second half of the year will be two major catalysts, or the launch of the plate.

However, in the face of this joint arrangement of the two giants, Chinese OLED manufacturers have also accelerated their pace, and the new ecology of China's OLED industry is emerging.

Two major electronics giants conclude OLED covenants

Industrial structure or change

A few days ago, it was reported that Apple had signed a two-year supply agreement with Samsung, which will provide Apple with approximately $9 billion in small-surface curved OLED screen panels. Apple's current super-large single-stock OLED panel mainly for iphone8, and Samsung, this time is also a menacing, the target is directed at the OLED panel industry share.

Liu Buchen, an observer of the household appliances industry, believes that Apple’s move will, in the short term, be less favorable to Chinese mobile phone companies. Most of the OLED screens used by mobile phone companies will be purchased from Samsung. Once Apple and Samsung divide the Samsung OLED screen resources, other companies include Chinese mobile phone companies. If you want to purchase from Samsung, it will be more difficult.

However, in the long run, Apple and Samsung will jointly enter the OLED industry to stimulate and nurture the benefits of the industry, will accelerate the flow of funds to the OLED industry chain, and attract more companies to enter the OLED field more funds.

According to industry insiders: "Apple and Samsung have concluded OLED alliance. At present, there is no direct impact on large-screen OLED TVs. However, Apple has pushed TV rumors to already exist. If Apple took the opportunity to make arrangements on a big screen, it could shake OLED's current industrial structure. Domestically, OLED giants must speed up the layout and seize their share."

OLED has been widely used in smart phones, wearable devices, VR devices and other new smart devices. It has become the key to the success of Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other vendors in the competition.

In recent years, with the shrinking of Japanese panel makers, the Korean system has been taking the initiative and gradually taking the initiative in setting up OLED as the next-generation display standard. Samsung Samsung Display Corporation has a strong position in panel supply, and LG Display also specializes in large-size OLEDs, targeting the smart TV market.

At present, the electronic giant apple has begun its layout in this industry, or stirred up the original industrial structure.

OLED enters the entire industry chain

Chinese Manufacturers Alliance to Build a New Ecology

Whether it is artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing or smart products in the current terminal market, the screen acts as a carrier for humans and “smart” interactions. It is an “intelligent” eye or window. It is ubiquitous and will ultimately determine the outcome of intelligent technology. Application and experience effects. In recent years, a new generation of display industry has gradually become a “battleground for both military and domestic” in the field of science and technology at home and abroad.

The industry generally believes that OLED is the most promising new generation of display technology. In addition to South Korea's Samsung, LG and other foreign manufacturers in China's mainland investment and construction line, China's OLED industry representatives of the company Weixinuo, Tianma, BOE, China Star Optoelectronics, etc. also started OLED Technology research and development and industrialization work have promoted the OLED industry in China to enter a period of vigorous development. For a time, a large number of OLED industry concept stocks have emerged.

On April 9th, at the “2017 China (International) Flat Panel Display Industry Conference” organized by the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, industry experts pointed out that in 2016, the technological development path of the global display industry has been formed, and the global display is upstream. The tight production capacity and the shortage of supply will continue into this year. In 2017, the giants of the Chinese OLED industry will accelerate business models and institutional innovation.

Gao Yudi, general manager of Kunshan Visionox Technology, said that the current OLED industry in China is in the critical period of both opportunities and challenges. The global OLED industry competition is the overall competition in the industry chain.

He believes: "On the one hand, the trend of the industry's evolution from LCD to OLED has become increasingly apparent, and Chinese companies' research on OLED technology is almost in synch with the world, breaking the monopoly of technology outside Japan and South Korea, and obtaining OLED materials, devices, and processes. On the other hand, judging from the global OLED market competition, the advantages of Korean companies are still evident, while China's OLED industry chain is relatively weak. The global OLED industry is no longer a single technology or competition among enterprises, but rather an industry. The overall competition of the chain, the Chinese OLED industry wants to seize the strategic opportunities to achieve 'curve overtaking', jumping to the world to display a strong country, it is necessary to accelerate the construction of a new industry ecology, to maximize the use of industrial synergy."

While the international giants did not hesitate to throw huge amounts of money to lay out the OLED industry, Chinese panel makers also accelerated their pace. Visionox is one of the companies that entered the OLED field earlier. PMOLED shipments ranks first in the world. 5.5-generation AMOLED products have been mass-produced and used on domestic well-known brand mobile phones. In 2016, VIOLEDO began to promote the construction of the sixth-generation AMOLED. Production line. Industry insiders expect that at the end of 2017, Visionox flexible screens will also be gradually used in end products.

BOE’s sixth-generation AMOLED production line will start production in 2017. Other Chinese companies such as Innolux, Huaxing Optoelectronics, Tianma Microelectronics and Hehui Optoelectronics also have corresponding plans. Terminal manufacturers such as Xiaomi, ZTE, and Skyworth also began to accompany them.

Actually, the OLED industry chain model is still relatively simple. However, insiders said that when giants such as Apple and Samsung joined hands to enter this field, the OLED giant in China has also looked for business models to deal with, and the new ecology is emerging.

At present, cooperation among upper, middle, and downstream manufacturers is relatively elementary. With the accelerated development of the industry, in the future, the entire industrial chain or will build a complete ecological network: around the end-users and market demand, panel manufacturers, upstream raw materials and equipment manufacturers and downstream terminal manufacturers will carry out more cooperation and exchanges between the yuan, resulting in The circulation of technological flow, gold flow, and information flow forms a huge value network, continuously involving more organizations and groups, expanding the influence of the entire industry, and even creating more new technologies, new areas, and new technologies. The emergence and evolution of opportunities.

As for the role played by OLED panel manufacturers in the industry's new ecology, Gao Yudi believes that “OLED panel makers are an extremely important part of building a new ecology and should become the driving force for building a new ecology and drive the rapid development of the entire industry.”

Industry insiders believe that: "Chinese OLED manufacturers are trying to work together with upstream and downstream manufacturers to build a new ecology of the OLED industry, which will help stimulate the new vitality of our industry and the industry's rapid overtaking in the global market."