• China

    China's first shipment of LCD panels by 2020


    On April 9th, the 5th China Electronic Information Expo opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center and was sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. The next generation information technology co-organized by China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute and China Electronics News Agency The Industrial Development Summit Forum was held in the same period. Chen Yanshun, vice chairman and CEO of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech. He said: “China has become the main force in the development of TFT-LCD in the world. Now the rise of OLED technology has become an irresistible technology trend in the small and medium-sized fields. This will become a new opportunity for Chinese enterprises."

  • Xiamen

    Xiamen's 2016 LED output value reached 32.3 billion, and the export volume accounted for half of the country's total output.


    Thirteen years ago, the country’s first national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization base was born in Xiamen, and Xiamen became one of the birthplaces of China's LED lighting industry. In 2016, among the top ten Chinese LED bulb exporters, Xiamen-based companies With five exclusive seats, the scale of exports accounts for half of the country. Throughout the opening year of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, Xiamen’s optoelectronic industry will further enlarge and strengthen industrial clusters and build high-end lighting and intelligent lighting industry chain of one hundred billion yuan.

  • Samsung Apple Jointly Layouts OLED Industry Chinese Manufacturers Want to Build a New Ecological Response

    Samsung Apple Jointly Layouts OLED Industry Chinese Manufacturers Want to Build a New Ecological Response


    Recently, it was reported that Apple has signed a contract with Samsung Display Co., Ltd. Samsung will provide curved OLED screens for the iPhone, which is worth US$9 billion. According to the agreement, Samsung Display will ship 70 million to 92 million OLED panels to Apple in 2017. Considering that Apple currently ships about 200 million iPhones each year, this means that about 30% of iPhones shipped this year will be equipped with curved OLED panels.